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Poly, formed in 2018 from the merger of video conferencing giant Polycom and headset titan Plantronics, offers a comprehensive line of collaboration and communication equipment. Their product lines can outfit a company鈥檚 employees for every situation from immersive teleconferencing to meeting rooms to the desktop and even employees on the go with mobile devices.

澳门四不像论坛 is a platinum level Poly partner. We integrate Poly equipment with premium cloud collaboration platforms, control systems and related technologies to deliver exceptional experiences.

Poly Product Lines

Video Conferencing

Poly understands the complications that can arise when people are trying to have conversations and are not face-to-face. They are one of the market leaders in immersive telepresence video conferencing systems. They have leveraged their expertise in these high end systems to deliver room and huddle space solutions that are designed to maximize human interaction and minimize distractions and problems that interfere with effective communication.

Immersive telepresence video conference with life-size displays.

Real Presence

Poly鈥檚 Real Presence immersive telepresence conference room equipment offers the company鈥檚 highest quality video conferencing experience. When you need the highest level of engagement for important meetings, the Real Presence rich audio and detailed video is unparalleled. It makes screensharing and interactions across continents feel just as natural as interactions across the boardroom table.

Poly Real Presence Group

Group Series

Poly鈥檚 Group Series video conferencing systems offer a premium collaboration experience for large and medium conference rooms. The series features advanced cameras that automatically detect human faces then pan, frame and focus whenever the speaker changes. The flexible microphones include Poly鈥檚 patented noise cancellation technology. Plus, the system integrates with easy to use connectors to make it interoperable with many of the most popular cloud video services.

Poly Studio

Poly Studio

The Poly Studio makes it easy to enable a high-quality video conferencing experience to any small meeting space or executive office. The all-in-one device combines speakers, noise cancelling microphones, acoustic fencing, and an advanced camera that automatically focuses, pans, and frames the presenters as they speak.聽

Personal Collaboration

Both Poly and Plantronics offered premium personal collaboration equipment. Since their merger, they have harmonized the product lines and brought the best in both capability sets to their new products.

Poly Elara Mobile Phone Station

Business Phones

Poly offers a diverse selection of desk phones, conference phones, Trios, portable speakerphones, and even desk phones with mobile phone stations. It makes it easier to take advantage of smart conferencing inside of a room. 澳门四不像论坛 integrates these phones with VoiP and cloud collaboration solutions like Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts Meet to complete our customers’ collaboration solutions.

Personal Productivity Equipment from Poly

Headsets, Web Cams, and Personal Speaker Phones

Headsets are an incredible way to engage in a conference call without anyone else hearing the audio of the entire group. It can help to cut out some of the background noise, too. Poly offers a headset for every occasion. The sophisticated technology provides not only immersive stereo sound but also noise-canceling features. There are call center headsets, wireless stereo headphones, sport headphones, office headsets, mobile headsets, and more. Additionally, various accessories help to add other services, including a status indicator, spare batteries, and even foam cushions to ensure that the headsets are comfortable for wearing for extended periods of time.

Integrations and Management Solutions

Poly has developed strategic partnerships with several of the leading cloud conferencing and collaboration providers.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is rapidly becoming one of the most important enterprise collaboration tools. The platform makes it easy to participate in conference calls, collaborative meetings, and more. Poly provides the Microsoft Teams support that you need using all of the latest technology. Whether you need phones, headsets, or even video-interop solutions, 澳门四不像论坛 can find one for you that works well with Microsoft. Poly will ensure you have the support that’s needed, whether you’re taking a Microsoft Teams call alone or with a large group of your co-workers or students.



Poly has made integrating with Zoom easier. Their platform solutions allow you to make Zoom calls for interesting and more collaborative. From video to phones to headsets, 澳门四不像论坛 can configure your Poly equipment to take a Zoom call in the setting that works best for you 鈥 whether it’s your home office, a classroom, or an entire conference room.聽


Device Management Applications

When you have many conference rooms and employees across multiple locations, managing your video conferencing, business phones and personal collaboration equipment is challenging. Poly’s management software solutions like Poly Lens and Plantronics Manager Pro give you a clear picture of device performance and utilization. These solutions allow IT managers to remotely troubleshoot issues and manage inventory effectively.