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is a powerhouse in the audiovisual technology industry. The industry leader, based in Anaheim, California, has produced AV products and solutions for more than 30 years. They deliver integrated technological solutions that create outstanding images, higher sound quality, and reliable systems.

When Extron launched in 1983, the engineering company only offered a single product. Since then, their offerings have greatly expanded to 5,000 cutting-edge AV innovations. The pioneering company creates and distributes audiovisual components that work together to convert, switch, and distribute signals. A single, intuitive interface controls these products.聽

Their capable engineering team produces effective communication systems that work in a variety of environments, including corporate lecture halls, classrooms, control centers, presentation environments, and boardrooms. Extron also designs powerful asset management tools that help technology professionals efficiently process large numbers of audiovisual systems throughout their enterprises and institutions.

Extron Features

Engineering Excellence

Extron offers more than 40 different types of audio visual technology products. The company聽produces all of its technology in-house, so they can maintain control over how each product operates in the real world.聽

This industry giant believes that engineering talent is critical to their business success, so it heavily invests in research and development. Their engineering team has more than 600 engineers and holds over 100 patents. The company’s deep knowledge of the core technologies they implement is key to their outstanding ability to manage the interoperability challenges of rapidly changing display technologies and signals.

Key Extron Markets

Extron products are optimized for an array of enterprise level industry requirements in several key industries:

  • Corporate: Extron’s advanced technology provides companies with extensive signal routing capabilities to support professional presentations and complex meeting space AV requirements.

  • Government: Extron offers one of the most extensive selections of AV signal switching, distribution, and processing products certified by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC). government uses this certification for a wide range of federal installations. Their DoDIN Approved Products List includes Extron’s matrix switchers, switchers, distribution amplifiers, extenders, and video scalers. Other greenlit innovations include FOX, XTP, DTP, IPCP Pro, TouchLink Pro, and other signal process product lines.

  • Education: Extron’s AV technology helps educators to create collaborative spaces that allow for cooperative learning. Their TeamWork Collaboration System and the StudioStation products allow small groups of students to learn in pods.聽

  • Healthcare: Extron manufactures AV products that allow educational and surgical spaces at hospitals to display medical data. Hospitals can also use the equipment to record lectures and surgical procedures and broadcast lessons in real-time to any location.

Flexible Software Solutions

Extron’s configurable AV control systems are exceptionally flexible to facilitate customizations to meet unique deployment requirements.

  • Global Configurator Software: Powerful asset management applications that manage and support AV systems throughout buildings, campuses, and organizations. Extron’s Global Configurator software enables organizations to manage and disseminate intuitive AV control systems.

  • Global Scripter: Feature-rich integrated development environment based on the open-source, Python scripting language. Extron combines this program with its exclusive ControlScript Python library. It offers programmers all the tools they need to create a refined, programmable control system.

Purpose-Built Hardware Solutions

Extron develops innovative hardware to stream, control, switch, and distribute AV signals. Their exceptional products can send signals from almost any source and distribute them to multiple kinds of endpoints while maintaining high signal integrity. Their hardware product lines include:

  • AV Control Systems
  • Signal Converters
  • Video Switchers
  • Matrix Switchers
  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Video Signal Processors
  • Twisted Pair Systems
  • Fiber Optics Systems
  • Streaming AV Systems
  • Audio Amplifiers and Signal Processors
  • Speakers
  • Classroom AV Systems
  • Architectural and AV Connectivity Solutions
  • High-Resolution Cables